I may be in the minority, but around this point in the summer I start to jones for autumn. I want playoff baseball, regular season football, cooler temps, and Halloween stuff! If you've got the same love for fright that I do, you can be part of Great Adventure's Fright Fest!

Zombie Auditions will take place in a group, with a few exercises performed in front of a panel of judges. No previous experience is required, but applicants must be at least 16 years old.

Auditions take place in the Employment Center. Visit SixFlagsJobs.com to apply before attending an audition.

Audition Dates:

August 3 - 1pm

August 9 - 6pm

August 17 - 1pm

August 24 - 1pm

August 30 - 6pm

September 19 - 6pm

September 26 - 6pm

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