The new American Dream megamall was slated for a Grand Opening sometime this month (then pushed to April)...and to replay a song we've been hearing for the past 15 years, another delay has been announced.

We know what stores will supposedly be there; we know it'll have a huge indoor amusement park; we just don't know when it will open.

Is this entire thing cursed, or what? Xanadu was first proposed in 2003, ground was broken in 2004 with a plan to open in 2006, a new company took over in 2007, construction stalled in 2009, another company purchased the property in 2013, construction stalled again in 2016, an opening was planned for early 2017, then summer 2017, then March 2019, then April 2019, and now June 2019.

I know this has become a complete joke, but it's actually sad that so many billions of dollars have been dumped into this project for a decade-and-a-half with literally no results. The promise of thousands of jobs is going unfulfilled, and as hopeful we can be that this actually works, we haven't seen any evidence that makes it seem like it will.

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