There was a lot of discussion last time we talked about American Dream's parking policy. The biggest argument was from people adamantly opposed to paying to park at a mall. Now the mall is backtracking, saying that parking will be free (except for valet parking) unless it's the same day as a Giants or Jets game. They also said that parking rates "have never been enforced", which makes you wonder why they would list parking rates on their website at all.

According to the updated Parking Policy, general parking is FREE. Valet parking will still cost $10.

During events at MetLife Stadium, event parking rates are in effect. NFL Game Day Parking will cost you $30 without a pre-paid Giants parking pass, and $45 without a pre-paid Jets parking pass.

If you're visiting Nickelodeon Universe, you don't have to plan around NFL games; you'll be able to use your Nickelodeon ticket to validate your parking to avoid the gameday fees.

A spokesperson didn't comment on why the mall changed parking prices, or if the changes were permanent.

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