I've been writing and talking about "the secret grocery store" at the Shore for what seems like years.

Well, the cat is out of the bag, and this opening is a big one.

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The once elusive grocery store is to take the place of the old Toys R Us on Route 35 in Eatontown.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Typically with a little digging and a couple of phone calls, store openings and closings can be figured out pretty quickly.

Not this time.

This was the best-kept secret in Eatontown.

The town wouldn't say a peep.

Even the builders were tight-lipped.

A while back, I got a couple of tips, but not enough to confirm which grocery store was occupying that space.

We had very little to go on. However, one detail stood out.

There were charging stations outside of the building being installed.

That lead many to believe that this wouldn't be another Shoprite, Stop & Shop, or popular chain we all know and love at the Shore.

I can now confirm that a very cool and forward-thinking grocery store is coming to Eatontown.

Amazon Opens Till-Less Grocery Store In London
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Amazon Fresh is revolutionizing the way people shop for groceries.

You know when Amazon is involved, technology is involved.

One aspect of the Amazon Fresh shopping experience that is particularly intriguing is the Amazon smart grocery cart.


This thing is scary, in a good way. Here's how it works.

You grab one of these carts and link it on the touch screen to your Amazon account.

Every item you place in your cart is recognized by the cart. Once identified, the cost is taken out of your Amazon account, just as if you were making a purchase on the app.

This allows shoppers to get what they need, place groceries in the bags that they bring with them, and simply walk out of the store.

No checkout, no lines. In and out.

I'm sure there are some bugs, or at least there will be in the beginning.

Again, fascinating technology, but a little scary at the same time, right?

Eatontown isn't the only town getting an Amazon Fresh.

The grocer is expected to open another location in Holmdel at the site of the old Best Market in the Holmdel Commons.

By the way, if you think the smart cart technology is cool, there are Amazon Fresh stores in England where you can walk in, scan an item on your phone and walk out.

I'm sure that's coming soon.

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