We are just about 21 days away to this year's Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon happening once again in the Target/Lowes Shopping Center on Hooper Ave in Toms River.

The Radiothon kicks off on Monday, October 21st, and our goal once again is to raise (at least) $105,700 for Ocean of Love to help the families whose children have Cancer in Ocean County. Ocean of Love is an AMAZING organization

As always, I will be living high atop the billboard all week long as we ask you to stop by and make a donation to help the kids.

A BIG change is happening... The Radiothon will end on THURSDAY NIGHT this year. Normally the Radiothon ends Friday evening around 6 p.m. with us presenting a HUGE check to Ocean of Love. We are hoping we will be presenting a huge check to Ocean of Love once again this year, but this time on Thursday night.

You are probably a little stunned and also asking yourself why.

Over the last few years, we have been hearing comments like:

  • "The Radiothon is too easy now to reach your goal"
  • "You guys know you will always hit the goal"
  • "You guys need a bigger challenge. Make the goal $150,000"

Now to be honest... I'm glad that it has been easier over the last few years for us to hit our goal. Big thanks to you of course. And we don't want to change our goal amount from $105,700. The radio station 105.7 The Hawk. Get it?

The whole idea of the Radiothon is to raise the money for Ocean of Love so they can help the children and their families. That is all that matters to me at the end of the day.

But I do understand your comments.

As you probably know, Thursday night at the Radiothon has turned into something very special and magical with the huge parade of fire trucks and first responders in Ocean County coming to the Billboard to drop off a HUGE donation.

So many of you come out as well, and the night has turned into a huge celebration of the community coming together. It really is an incredible evening.

So, for these reasons, we have decided to end the Radiothon on Thursday night with the celebration of the community coming together.

Whether we have raised $105,700 or not!

Are we taking a big chance that we might not hit our goal since we are ending a day early?


Am I nervous about this? ABSOLUTELY! Is Ocean of Love nervous? ABSOLUTELY (Probably even more than me)

So, we have decided to take on the challenge. We have never let Ocean of Love down in all the years of the Radiothon, and if we come together like I know this community can. We will not fail.

We WILL hit our goal once again this year! Click HERE for all the ways you can make a donation to Ocean of Love

Ocean of Love is a non-profit, charitable 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping Ocean County children with cancer and their families. Our purpose is to assist the children through their illness. We provide financial and emotional support so that they can experience the “normal” joys of childhood, knowing their lives are significant and meaningful to each and every one of us.

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