The 2019 Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon doesn't officially kick off until Monday, October 21st, but you can start donating right now to help us get a head start on achieving our fundraising goal of $105,700.

Ocean of Love is an Ocean County-based organization that assists local children with cancer and their families.  Caring for a sick child is an unbelievable financial burden and all of the money raised goes straight to the financial support of these families.  From hospital bills and gas money to support for bereavement groups, Ocean of Love is there through the entire process.

There are a variety of ways to donate year-round to Ocean of Love, but this week is special: visit the 105.7 The Hawk Billboard Radiothon in the Target/Lowe's parking lot anytime to make your donation in person and to take part in the uplifting festivities.  Can't make it in person?  Donate online HERE.

You can also 'pay to play' any song on 105.7 The Hawk.  For a $50donation we’ll play the classic rock song of your choice. Visit the Billboard to make a 'pay to play' donation.

Plus, we've got even more incentives to donate this year:

  • make a $25 donation and receive a special raffle booklet
  • make a $50 donation and take part in our Massive Wedding - hosted by our ordained minister Andy Chase!

CLICK HERE make a donation for any amount, for any reason.

Be sure to fill out the following criteria:

Under For:  Choose Event/Fundraiser
Under Event: Choose one of the following:
  • Billboard General Donation
  • Billboard Raffle Booklet - $25 per book
  • Pay to Play Billboard - $25 per song
  • Wedding Billboard 2019 - $50 per couple
    • In the memo, request your song or put your names in for the Massive Wedding

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