It's been a while since the announcement that Sears would be closing down the location at the Ocean County Mall. The new restaurant/brewery got approval from the planning board, but that will be a stand-alone building, not replacing Sears itself.

The latest news? Demolishing the old Sears building and replacing it with eleven stores.

In October, the township Planning Board will vote on a potential plan that will result in the demolition of the Sears building and replacing it with a parking lot. A new mall entrance will be built, and five storefronts will face out from the mall. The other six new stores will be on the other side of the parking lot, separate from the main mall building.

It sounds like a huge undertaking, and Jersey Shore Online has a blueprint of the new layout (although it honestly doesn't look like much just yet, so it's not really a help when you want to visualize the new setup).

Eleven new stores leads to a ton of speculation - what would you like to see there?

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