Big thanks to our friends at the Marquee Cinema in Toms River for hooking us up with luxury electric recliners to give away at the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon in the Target/Lowes Shopping on Hooper Ave October 23, through October 27th.

These are the same recliners that the Marquee Cinema just installed into all their theaters. Just press a button, and recline all the way back. It's a great way to watch tv in the comfort of your own home.

Oh by the way, during their renovation half the theaters were closed, but they told us today that all 10 theaters are open, all with the new recliners installed.

Marquee Cinema, Photo by Townsquare Media
Marquee Cinema, Photo by Townsquare Media

Stop by the Billboard Radiothon next week for your chance to win them.

Check them out:

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