We've heard the stories about the woman who plans to shoot the Baby Trump balloon out of the sky, but there's a chance the blimp won't even get off the ground.

The group that started the GoFundMe to bring Baby Trump to New Jersey planned to fly it over Trump's Bedminster Golf Course, and then when extra money came in they intended to fly it over Trump's other NJ courses. Now, they're unsure if the FAA's Temporary Flight Restriction will keep Baby Trump grounded.

There is a 10-mile radius around wherever the President is staying where nothing can fly - no planes, no drones, no blimps. However, since the blimp will always be tethered to the ground, the definition of "flying" versus "floating" becomes a point of contention.

Special Secret Service agent Mark McKevitt said

As long as it's at 150 feet or under, tethered at all times, and they have the ability to deflate if the tether comes loose, they're OK."

The original blimp, plus the four copies, should be in NJ very soon, so it won't take long to see what happens.

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