The catch phrase “Gotta Go To Moes” has turned into “Gotta Go Back To The Gym” in the Toms River Shopping Center.  You see,  a Planet Fitness franchise gym has moved into the space previously occupied by Models Sporting Goods store.   Unfortunately, Models went out of business in March of last year.  Were you like me and take advantage of the going out of business sale?  I think I scored a few golf clubs and socks.  But I digress.

The footprint for the new gym is 17.867 square feet.  This is their new larger location from their older address in town.  Now that the pandemic is moving into its new chapter, gyms are hoping power lifters, treadmill runners and daily workout routines return.

Danielle Brunelli, who is a representative for the gym owner says, 

"People that are going to a health club, they go at least two, three times a week.  It just keeps continually to draw back the local population to the center."

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings
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But that’s just the half of it.  Just down the parking lot of the shopping center, another new addition to the strip mall.  A brand new Wingstop chicken wing location is also holding a grand opening.  Sure a good source of protein for your muscle building, but I don’t know if I want the smell of chicken wings interrupting my intense methodical breathing exercise while I am burning calories.   Remember how inviting it is getting a whiff of those Mc Donald's French Fries while stopped at a traffic light with the windows down?   Now, imagine that same body reaction while your sprinting on the treadmill.


I guess it’s better than someone next to you on walking with their ear buds on stinking like cigarettes.


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