This week Sue Moll was at the grand opening celebration for Planet Fitness in Toms River. The new location is in the Toms River Shopping Center along with Kohl's, Five Below, Etc.

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Sue was part of a 92.7 WOBM "on location" event there this week at the new spot for Planet Fitness on Route 37 in Toms River. Planet Fitness has leased the nearly 18,000 square foot location that used to be home to Modell's Sporting Goods.

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Now that Planet Fitness has moved to its new location the large former location they had in South Toms River is now vacant. So we now have to ask what is the future for the location?

Originally Planet Fitness came to the 20,000 square foot location in South Toms River that was home to Trilco. The company made renovations and it became their site for several years. The building is along the Toms River just over the South Toms River Border.

This location has seen various tenents over the years and now will be looking for another to fill the nearly 20,000 square feet that it holds. Do you know of any rumors as to who might fill this location? if you have heard any rumors we'd love you to share them, with us?

If you haven't heard any rumors, then the next question is what would be a perfect fit for this location here in South Toms River? throw some ideas out there for us to consider and we will have to wait and see what becomes of this spot.

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