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Facebook. Partying at the Beachcomber.

Of course......He was Partying!!

The Beachcomber in Seaside Heights reopened 2 weeks ago, and it is so good to have them back! Even with the destruction of the Jersey Shore from Hurricane Sandy, they still managed to have their annual New Year's Eve party. It was from noon-4p


There is a 4p curfew in Seaside Heights, but that didn't stop owner of the Beachcomber Mike Carbone from throwing a party! And what a GREAT party it was!

At the Beachcomber on New Years Eve, the "ball" dropped at 3p. Check out the Asbury Park Press for the complete story.

The weekend before, the Beachcomber also held a "Welcome Back" party from Noon-4p

Considering all the destruction that occurred form Hurricane Sandy, it is so good to be able to go back to the places that make up the Jersey Shore.

Even though the boardwalk is gone, and you are not allowed on the beach, it's an incredible feeling to be able to eat the boardwalk pizza, and to be able to smell the ocean air once again.

Restore the Shore!!!