It's not often you can drive down any road in New Jersey and not see a Wawa.

Just on my drive in from Seaside Heights to the radio station in Downtown Toms River, I pass three Wawa's; two Super Wawa's and one little hole-in-the-wall Wawa.

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Believe it or not, though, there are some stretches of Jersey where busy roads don't have any Wawa's, for example, parts of Route 35.

With the exception of the Wawa on 35 near Normandy Beach, there isn't another stop for miles.

A New Wawa Is Preparing To Open On Route 35 In Middletown.

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash
Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

Next week however, a new super Wawa will be opening on Route 35 in Middletown, which will be a nice addition since there isn't another Wawa with a gas station in the area.

And there's nothing worse than traveling through Jersey and not having a place to stop for gas.

Middletown's new Wawa will open next week on December 8th, at 8:30 AM and there will also be a grand opening ceremony that you can attend if you choose, according to APP.

The Nearest Wawa in this area up until now has been in Hazlet off Route 36 which is give or take a 12-minute drive.

And when you need to find a Wawa, that's a pretty big distance to drive!

APP reports that Wawa is looking to expand in Hazlet as well with plans to open a new store near the Hazlet Town Center.

Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

That Wawa is still in the planning phases, but if and when it gets approved I'd assume will be built pretty quickly.

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