I started seeing pictures on Facebook earlier of people balancing brooms today and they were saying that it has to do with the gravitational pull or something that has to do with earth-science and stuff. And supposedly, you can ONLY do it today according to NASA (I don't know if NASA has anything to do with this).

My first thought was "What the hell is going on?"

I was like, let me go check Twitter. Twitter is always on top of things like this, so in the trending bar, I typed in "#broom".

What do you know... a bunch of videos popped up of people balancing their brooms, so I had to give it a try. I searched the radio station for a broom and I found one.

I was able to do it. It seemed too easy, so I attempted to balance the broom on a hard surface, and it worked again.

Broom Table

Are we being played for fools??? Is this something we can really do every day and we're just looking silly? I just don't know!

When I got home I had to try it again, because my broom is angled.

Broom Home
Looks like I need to sweep also

It worked again!!! I'm kind of amazed by this. I don't know if this is one day only or we could really do this every day.

The first thing I'm doing tomorrow when I wake up is to try to balance a broom again!!

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