For dogs who are still recovering from a noisy 4th of July weekend, Monday afternoon brought the noise right back, thanks this time to Mother Nature.

With scorching heat and withering humidity, things started to move in just after lunch time on Monday, and haven't slowed down much as I'm writing this just before 3:30 on Monday afternoon.

I've said many times that I have the best view in Ocean County here on the 4th floor of the Townsquare Monmouth-Ocean offices (the former Toms River Observer building).

With an unobstructed view over Huddy Park, the Toms River, and into South Toms River, you can see storms coming from all directions before they get here.

And that's exactly what I saw this afternoon.

You could see sheets of rain coming down over Beachwood and South Toms River while we still had a mix of sun & clouds here in the downtown area.

Then, the lightning started to put on a show, prompting me to set my iPad up in the window to catch what I could.

As much as I love to capture time-lapse video of storms moving in, I was determined to catch some of that vivid lightning in slow motion.

Suffice to say, my efforts were rewarded as a huge bolt split the sky open and lit up the afternoon.

Right after, the hail started to move in, so I quickly switched to normal video to catch the sound of the small balls of ice bouncing off of the windows.

Stay safe, but enjoy the amazing show that Mother Nature put on:


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April 21 Toms River Storm Damage

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