With the summer fast approaching it's time to start talking about the best places to go for your cool, frozen, and delicious treats.

I'm talking of course about ice cream and the always delicious milkshake.

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Milkshakes are arguably one of my favorite things to get when the temperatures go up and you need something that'll not only cool you down but also take care of that sweet tooth.

Burger 25 in Toms River, is well known in Ocean County for not only having out-of-this-world, mouth-watering burgers but also for having great hand-spun shakes.

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They feature your classic shakes but also have monthly specials. For example during Girl Scout Cookie Season, they have a milkshake for each cookie flavor.


Even Freddy's right down the road in Toms River has great shakes and when Coney Waffle eventually opens up off Route 37 we'll have one more place to get delicious shakes.

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But if you wanted to get the best milkshake in Jersey, which ranks as one of the best shake places in the world, do you know where to go?

Here's Where To Find The Best Milkshake In New Jersey

It's a bit of a hike from us here in Ocean County, but all good things are worth the trip.

24/7 Tempo says that the best shakes in Jersey come from Holsten's in Bloomfield.

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The reason is that Holsten's is one of the few remaining old-fashioned ice cream bars. When you enter Holsten's you're immediately transported back to the 1950's.

Milkshakes are handspun and have amazing flavors like maple walnut and cookie road.

Holstens ice cream
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Oh, and for added fun, Holsten's is the same place that recently sold the famous Soprano Booth.

By the way, Jersey is chock full of amazing places to get a good milkshake this summer.

Best Milkshakes in New Jersey

Love milkshakes? Here's where to get the best ones in Jersey, according to a PST Poll.

Gallery Credit: Chris Rollins

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