A wild scene took place in the streets of South Central Los Angeles. A high speed chase between bank robbers and L.A.P.D yesterday afternoon. And it was all caught on live t.v

The bank robbers began to throw the money out the window of their SUV. Some news outlets were saying they were trying to get rid of the evidence. Other news outlets were calling the bank robbers "Robin Hood Theives".

Really? It was neither!!!

They were trying to lure pedestrians into the streets to gather up money to slow down the cops in pursuit. Basically they were using people as "human shields".

Now I have to say, I don't condone this behavior at all, but it was kind of creative. Thankfully no one was hurt and as always, The good-guys win!

Why do criminals insist that they can get away during a TELEVISED pursuit? There is only half a dozen news choppers overhead.

Enjoy this video clip, and make sure you check out the end of the video when a mob of hundreds of people show up looking for some money.

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