Despite the fact that that OWN is doing terribly, Oprah Winfrey is an icon. Her talk show was must see television for 25 years. Women all over the planet believe that her seal of approval is number one. Every product she pushes sells & now she is pushing a product unlike any other. For the small price of $180,000 a year you can rent Oprah's apartment!! I know at first blush that may sound like a lot of money but I think it's a bargain. We are talking about Oprah. I never cared for her or her show, but with the bar lowered by Regis Philbin, I now know she was truly great. The home is available because Oprah is spending more time in California rather then her normal Chicago home base. It is over 4,600 sq feet, has views of Lake Michigan, and also features a 1,200 square feet master bath. The key feature though is that you get to live where Oprah lived.

If you do the math it is only $15,000 a month, therefore you can afford it if you get 9 people to put money in with you. It will be a little tight and privacy may be a concern but it would be worth it. Every time you go to a party you can invite people back to hang out at Oprah's house. A large group of single men could probably meet a lot of women using that ploy. Maybe you could even put in the lease that Oprah has to make 3 appearances a year. If you could afford it would you move to Oprah's house?

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