After 28 LONG years Regis Philbin finally walked away from his television program. Philbin, now 80, has been on television for 50 years & decided to walk away due to a contract dispute. While he has been coming into people's homes all this time did anyone stop to ask a simple question. Was Regis ever any good? When the great ones retire there is always a void left behind. Has anyone watched The Price is Right lately? The show is awful without the great Bob Barker. Regis will leave no such void. He is the most overrated television personality in the history of television. Between solid co-hosts like Kathy Lee & Kelly Ripa; and right place, right time situations, (Who Wants to be a Millionaire) Regis has fooled many into believing he is solid. He is NOT. He is as solid as Notre Dame football has been lately and we know how that has been. I can not think of easier shoes to fill. Dana Carvey will do a much better job because he actually has SOME talent. He is a funny man. Regis was never funny, never witty, & never smart. His greatest gift is blending in just enough so that nobody would call him on it.

I know this may sound harsh on the day that the man retires but I have been consistent about this my entire life. Every time I have watched Regis I think, "imagine how good this show could be if he had any ability". While a handful of people will miss him, more will be inspired by the talent that takes his place. Nobody remembers an Olympic bronze medalist and Regis is more like an eighth place finisher. Will you or anybody miss Regis?

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