Just a Bit Outside prides itself on many things. Great radio. Good looks. Knowledge about everything from sports, to life skills, to holding court with the ladies. Somewhere on that list includes consistency. Every week includes a Top 5 Tuesday topic.

This week: The Top 5 things I want for Christmas.

1. A New York Giant postseason berth: I live and die with this team. It's widely understood that this roller-coaster of a season has taken years off my life. Let's just ride it for a few more weeks.

2. Enough snow for work to be canceled: Remember when we were kids and snow would cancel school for the week? Let's have a week of that for adults at work.

3. Double Stuff Oreos to be served in polite company: H'orderves are too buttoned up for my liking. Let's add some fun to family and friend gatherings in 2012.

4. 24-hour National Treasure Network: The best films of all-time should be played on a loop. It would save my DVD player the trouble of having to work so hard.

5. A late Presidential run from Regis Philbin: This country needs him.

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