If something is billed as "double", you would assume it contains twice as much as the regular...but you would assume WRONG.

In the most outrageous food scandal in recent memory, Double Stuf Oreos have been exposed as not actually containing double the "stuff' of a regular Oreo.

A "Consumer Math" teacher in New York decided to entice his students by using Oreos as part of the curriculum.

The class weighed 10 Double Stuf cookies both with and without their chocolate cookies, plugged the numbers into mathematical equations and came up with the truth: Double Stuf Oreos were only 1.86 times larger than regular Oreos.


What is the world coming to when you can't actually get double of something when it's advertised as double?

A Nabisco spokeswoman denied the claims, saying the Double Stuf Cookie does indeed contain "double the Stuf, or creme filling, when compared with our base, or original Oreo cookie."

But you can't argue with science!

Really, I don't care. I'll still eat half a package in one sitting, try and stop me!

Scott Olson/Getty Images