Get ready to smoke up Ocean County, and of course, I'm talking about ribs, pork, and brisket!

Jersey has a delicious barbecue scene, which frankly surprised me when I moved here because I've always thought of places like Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee as the big barbecue spots in America.

However, Jersey can hold its own.

Even in Toms River, Smokies Craft BBQ is getting ready to open its second Ocean County location, and they serve up some seriously tasty barbecue.

More on that here. 

Jersey is also home to Jim Dandy's, which supposedly serves up not only the best ribs in Jersey but some of the best ribs in the country!

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Check it out here. 

And now, it looks like Toms River is about to get another finger-licking good barbecue spot this summer.

Harry's Smokin' BBQ Is Opening Soon In Toms River, NJ

The BYOB restaurant will soon open up off 37 in Toms River next to C&G's Country Restaurant, according to the Harry's Smokin' BBQ Facebook Page.

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By the way, Harry's is no stranger to the Jersey Shore.

For years Harry's has operated out of a food truck serving up ribs, brisket, pork sandwiches, and more.

According to APP, once the new restaurant opens this summer, Harry's may still operate the food truck for a while on Dover Road in Toms River.

APP reports the new BBQ hot spot in Toms River plans on opening sometime this July and as I mentioned will be a BYO so you can enjoy your beer of choice while you chow down on delicious smoked BBQ.

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While you're waiting for Harry's to open up, these are some mouthwatering BBQ spots around Jersey you can check out right now.

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