We've all seen the sort of insane branding that movies are involved in now (last week my wife bought a bunch of bananas that had a 'Captain Marvel' sticker on them); we've also seen the crazy experiments that Oreo have done in terms of flavors (candy corn, red velvet, carrot cake). While the flavor appears to be classic, Oreo is creating special "Game of Thrones" cookies to celebrate the show's final season.

The cookies are hitting shelves today, but somehow packages are already available on eBay for crazy prices.

According to ComicBook.com, WalMart is planning to make the cookie available online for in-store pickup.

Amazon Prime members can get a package for a reasonable price of $4.06 (rather than $20something on eBay).

Target has the cookies on their website, but it says it won't be sold in stores.

ShopRite doesn't feature them on their website, but if you can get to the store early, there is a better chance to find them on the shelves before the crazed fans snatch them all up.

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