It's football time!  Last year I had an impressive .708 win percentage in my picks, so I expect to fall back this year to something around .400.

Full disclosure, I'm a Giants fan. Typically pessimistic, I have them losing to a Denver team they should beat, simply because that's how they roll. The NFC East leads to a 3-3 split, but that nice 4-week run after the Bye gives the Giants a 9-7 record.

Oof. This doesn't look good for Gang Green. The Jaguars are bad, and the Browns are even worse, but those look to be the only winnable games for the Jets (I gave them a split against the Bills, too). That post-Bye schedule is brutal.

The Eagles have a lot of winnable games, and also a lot of lose-able ones. I think they finish the NFC East at 2-4, keeping them 8-8 and a game behind the Giants.

As always, I have no idea what I'm really talking about, so don't blame me if you make a pick based on this and lose money.

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