A few days before the season started, I gave you my predictions for the Giants, Jets, and Eagles.

I'm traditionally a pessimistic Giants fan. I don't like to get my hopes up, so I tend to keep them in a 7-10 victory area, nothing too bad but nothing too great. To my elation, the Giants far surpassed my expectations!  I had laid out a season record of 8-8, and the G-Men finished strong at 11-5. My picks were solid too, with my own record a matching 11-5.

For the Jets, it was way worse than I gave credit for. I pegged the Jets at 7-9, and they ended up 5-11. I started off strong though, as my predicted 0-6 start was close to the real 1-5 start. I had a good predicting year, finishing 12-4.

I can never really decide who is worse, the Eagles or the Cowboys - I think I hate the Cowboys as a team more, but hate Eagles fans more (but mostly because I know more Eagles fans so I see the nonsense flood my Facebook news feed more often) #sorrynotsorry. Regardless, I thought the Eagles would match my Giants with a record of 8-8, and in reality they went 7-9. Just like the Giants, my own picks managed to go 11.5

Across the three local teams, my overall pick'em record was 34-14. That's a .708 win percentage - not bad!

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