On May 12th, I'm going to jail. No, not for whatever you may think I'd go to jail for, but for a good cause.

CMS is holding their annual Jail-A-Thon to benefit Ocean of Love. Every October we do our Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, raising money for children with cancer. Any chance I can get to help out that great organization, I'll take.

I'll be booked (along with Andy Chase and others) at the Ocean County Mall on Friday May 12th. All of the inmates have to raise $500 of bail money to be let out, with all the money going to Ocean of Love.

Help me and Andy and the rest of the inmates get out of jail, and help Ocean of Love continue to take care of families right here in Ocean County. Every dollar helps, so come out on May 12th and make a difference!

You can make a donation the day of the Jail-A-Thon at the mall, or do it from the comfort of your couch online! If you do it through Ocean of Love's website, just be sure to choose "Jail-A-Thon" under "Donation Type" then in the comment section right below it, put the name Varacchi!

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