Did you buy a Powerball ticket at the Silverton Pharmacy? Check your ticket, because a TWO MILLION DOLLAR jackpot is still sitting unclaimed!

The winning ticket was sold May 7th - two months ago! I understand that when people win gigantic jackpots they want to find a lawyer, get affairs in order...but a $2mill jackpot isn't really "eff you money". While I get that you would like to hire a financial planner to help with investments because you're not just going to TD Bank and depositing that check, it seems like two months is a long time.

Earlier this year, Governor Murphy signed a law that would allow lotto winners to stay anonymous, so winners won't have to worry as much about scammers or "long-lost family members" to come out from the woodwork trying to get some cash.

Winnings expire one year after the drawing, and according to NorthJersey.com, "in New Jersey unclaimed prize money doesn't roll back into the prize fund. Instead it is treated the same way as lottery revenues, and gets allocated to state institutions and state aid for education, according to New Jersey state law."

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