If, in February 2020, you had told me that one day I would write about a senior citizen fighting employees, customers, and police at two different Wawas in Toms River because he refused to wear a mask...I would've called you crazy.

According to the DailyVoice, 70-year-old Stephen Breza was confronted over not wearing a mask when he tried to enter a Wawa on Route 37 in Toms River. Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said Breza "started screaming, flailing his arms, and cursing at employees, [then] threatened a customer in the store that he was going to hit him with a pipe."

When the police showed up, Breza screamed at the officers, resisted arrest, and ended up being released after getting a ticket.

Apparently Breza really really really wanted some Wawa coffee, because he ended up traveling a few miles up Route 37 and started again. Still refusing to wear a mask, Breza got into another altercation, punched a customer in the face, then got a metal pipe out of his car and threatened others.

Toms River Police sent Breza to jail, charged with a slew of crimes including:

  • two counts of violating state of emergency orders
  • disorderly conduct
  • failing to submit to fingerprinting
  • resisting arrest
  • making terroristic threats
  • weapons possession

Man, wrapping a bandana around your face would've been a lot cheaper and a lot quicker than whatever fines/jail time you're going to deal with.

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