It's hard to believe that eight years ago today, Hurricane/Superstorm made landfall over New Jersey and absolutely destroyed the Jersey Shore Coastline.

It wasn't the wind and rain that caused most of the damage; it was the massive storm surge.

If I recall correctly, there were other factors that made Sandy even more destructive. When Sandy hit around 8p on that Monday night, we had a full moon, and we were in the middle of a high tide cycle which made the storm surge even more severe.

I'll never forget how long that evening was just waiting for daylight to find out the scope of the destruction.

In the coming weeks, once it was deemed safe for the press to get a first-hand view of Mantoloking, NJ, we were driven in by bus and got to take a tour of some of the most hardest hit areas from Hurricane Sandy.

The pictures I was able to take of Seaside Heights and Pelican Island, was the same day residents were able to return to their home for just a few hours to grab whatever essential belongings they can.

Believe it or not, eight years later, there are still people who have not gotten back into their homes for whatever reason.

One of the positive things that came from Hurricane Sandy was the community coming together like they always do when people need it most.

The outpouring of food and clothing drives was incredible. We all came together as one united front but let's just hope we will never have to experience that ever again.

Take a look at my pictures of the few days I had a chance to walk around and capture the images after Hurricane Sandy


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Andy Chase
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