Real residents of the Jersey Shore know that doing any of these things is an absolute no-no.

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We're tough here at the Jersey Shore - that's what makes us #jerseystrong. Other states may not like the way we do things here, but when they're on our turf, they gotta play by our rules.

Keep scrolling to read the 10 things no one should EVER do at the Jersey Shore.

10 Things You Should Never Do at the Jersey Shore

Coming to the Jersey Shore? Here are 10 things you should never ever do.

now read the things you should never say to someone at the Jersey Shore

Ugh - how many times have you met someone who isn't from the Jersey Shore, and they've said one of these things to you? Try to contain your anger as you scroll down!

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Move to the Jersey Shore

Thinking of moving to the Jersey Shore - here are 5 reasons you absolutely should not!

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