"It's a Jersey thing, you wouldn't understand." -Us to anyone who isn't from here.

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Ah, New Jersey - where the beaches are gorgeous, the food is amazing, and the people are passionate. We're the only state who will fight each other about whether or not an entire region exists, but we'll also come together to "fight" anyone who tells us our accents are funny.

Keep scrolling to find out why New Jersey isn't just a state we live in, it's a lifestyle.

We have a very specific way of doing things: the 10 commandments of the Jersey Shore

From Wawa runs to driving, these are the rules that everyone at the Jersey Shore lives by.

We won't let out of staters get away with saying anything dumb about our state

Take a deep breath as you scroll down because you're not going to believe the things I've actually heard people say about New Jersey.

We're very vocal about what bothers us, and we won't apologize for it.

There are some things that annoy us here in the Garden State that our friends in other states just wouldn't understand. Keep scrolling to check out this hilarious and accurate list of NJ Pet Peeves.

Our pizza is famous. Check out every NJ Pizza Joint Barstool has reviewed

Dave Portnoy, commonly known as El Presidente, is the founder of Barstool Sports. Somewhere along the way, he decided to start reviewing local pizzerias, and the concept took off. Here is every New Jersey pizzeria Dave has stopped in, along with the score he gave them.

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