Local breweries have become very popular and we have many fantastic ones here in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. Each of the local breweries have their own personality and taste, it makes each unique and fantastic.

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In a recent article, by Tasting Table, the publication highlighted the best local breweries in each state. Obviously we had a brewery named as best here in New Jersey and the good news is that it’s right here in Monmouth County so we can easily enjoy without having to travel too far.

According to Tasting Table, the brewery named best is Kane Brewing Company in Ocean Township, Monmouth County. Kane Brewing has been around for 11 years after being founded in 2011. Kane Brewing is the state’s 3rd largest local brewery, following Flying Fish Brewery and River Horse Brewery.

According to Tasting Table, “Kane Brewing stands out as an editor's choice for its core varieties of Head High IPA, Overhead DIPA, and Sneak Box pale ale.”

Kane Brewing is open for tastings on the weekends, Saturday: 12PM TO 10PM and Sunday: 12PM TO 8PM. By the way, no reservations are required. Kane Brewery is located at 1750 Bloomsbury Ave. Ocean, NJ 07712.

If you have visited and/or sampled Kane’s brands please give us your review and what you thought, I have NOT been able to visit so I cannot share my own thoughts on their craft beer. Congratulations to Kane Brewing and remember we have many really good local craft breweries here in New Jersey so check them out next time you are looking for something different and unique here in the Garden State.


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