Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy ~ Benjamin Franklin

It's a hobby for some, a passion for others, and of course a delicious way to end a long day at work.

It's been around for almost all of human existence and isn't going anywhere soon.

I'm talking about beer.

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Whether you're a craft beer drinker, or like the classics (I'm looking at you PBR) a cold one with friends is a great way to spend a Friday night.

Recently, there's been a big focus on breweries.

Local breweries are a great way to try different beverages you normally wouldn't, and New Jersey is home to some unique breweries.

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash
Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

In Ocean County alone, you have Toms River Brewing, Heavy Reel Brewing in Seaside Heights (conveniently located next to a BBQ joint), Pinelands Brewing, and ManaFirkin Brewing, just to name a few.

Monmouth county also has its share: Belford Brewing, Carton Brewing, and Little Dog Brewing just to name the first few that come to mind.

Personally, I'm a big fan of going to Breweries because it's more of an experience than just a bar.

You can get brewery tours, usually play some yard games, and generally speaking, you'll be able to find some live music a few nights of the week.

But what is the coolest Brewery in New Jersey?

I think it's tough to limit it down to just one place in particular, especially because everybody has a little bit different taste in the atmosphere and beer preference.

That, however, did not stop the experts at Trips to Discover from coming up with a list of the coolest breweries in every state.

Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

Before we get too gung-ho, let's take at what Charity De Souza of Trips to Discover took into consideration when ranking the coolest brewery in each state:

Each brewery has special features that make it a state favorite, such as chilled-out taprooms and beautiful outdoor spaces, while some focus on giving back to their community.

Keeping that in mind, what came out on top in New Jersey?

It opened in 2015, is well known for its New England Style IPA's, and features performances from local artists.

Brix City Brewing, in Little Ferry, was ranked as the best brewery in New Jersey.

They also collaborate with other local breweries, which I think is really cool because it opens the door to very unique beers.

Also, these guys do sell their beers to go in cans which is enjoyable because they usually have fun and unique artwork on them.

I haven't gotten to this one yet, but there is a day trip in the near future to go and try some of these brews, and spend a day relaxing with friends!

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