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Last night when it was announced that Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of the Penn State football team. Students were complaining that the University could have at least NOT fired him OVER THE PHONE....REALLY?!?! Children were abused!!! Come on People! Does it really matter how he was fired? Those students need to get their priorities straight!! I started thinking though...What are some things you don't want to hear over the phone? Comments are welcome


Old People
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Your parents having sex.

I know, I know....It's not a pleasant thought. It could happen though. How many times have YOU pocket dialed someone with your cell phone. I feel dirty now. Have to go shower now and get those thoughts out of my head.
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Wedding vows

I'm sure it's not ideal but it might be the only way to hear them when you're spending 25 to life and that special someone is on the other side of a thick piece of glass.
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Toilet Flush

After exchanging pleasantries with your "boo-boo", "buttercup", "teddy bear" or "shnookums", for the past 30 minutes, the last thing you want to hear is the sound of the porcelain throne!! All those nice things you just heard I guess you can say went.......down the toilet (ouch...couldn't resist)

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