It's that time of year, and whether it's back to college or high school or even younger, here are some great movies to watch before classes start.

American Beauty

For a while I would've put this near the top of my list of favorite movies. I've outgrown it, but I think it's still an interesting look at life as a high schooler.


Animal House

The greatest college movie. Ever.


The Breakfast Club

The greatest high school movie. Ever.



This one is a bit more obscure, but I love the hell out of it. It's a 1940s film noir set in high school. Love the characters, love the dialogue.

Donnie Darko

Director Richard Kelly has made some crap since Darko, but I still enjoy this one.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The second greatest high school movie. Ever.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The third greatest high school movie. Ever. Every high school student should get one epic skip day in their life. Sort of a "Lost Weekend" for teens.


Old School

If there was a frat like this when I was in college, you better believe I would have pledged.


Pitch Perfect

Ok, shut up. I love this movie. I understand that when you break it down, it's a pretty lame formulaic movie. But the fact that I can spend an hour and a half watching hot girls (Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow & Alexis Knapp, specifically) sing to me makes it okay.


School of Rock

This always gives me the musical inspiration to start a band or become a music teacher.


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