The Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven is a business that, like many others, really relies on the summer season. With social distancing and capacity caps in place, they won't be able to bring in their usual number of ticket sales, so they're considering a unique alternative: outdoor performances!

While the Surflight has been forced to cancel a lot of their performances, or even postpone some until 2021, there is a chance to see some local theatre if they are able to set up outside. The Surflight's own website outlines what you can do with tickets you've already purchased, and the Sandpaper goes into more detail about the possibility of outdoor shows.

The Surflight's Gail Anderson said:

This is a very tough time. The arts will not be coming back soon anywhere; they are even talking about nationally canceling high school concerts and productions for next year. Sobering to say the least, so we are really thinking outside the box to be safe and keep the arts alive.

Long Beach Island is interesting in that it really has a unique economy. The people that live there year-round, the summer residents, and the tourists all have a big impact on the local businesses. Even though the Surflight hosts shows year-round, the summer is their biggest season, and for a small theatre, losing one year could be devastating.

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