There was a time that when a person wanted to get high they would use an illegal drug. This peaked in the 80's when the "War on Drugs" was started by President Reagan along with the "Just Say No" campaign. Today more and more people aren't using a drug dealer to get their fix, they are instead using a pharmacist. People now buy or steal other people's old legit medications and use them to get high. The problem is so big that they have decided to set up boxes similar to mail boxes where you can drop off old prescriptions. REALLY! I am upset that we are here as a society. We need to escape from our real lives so much that we need to use other people's pills?! At least when a person buys some cocaine or heroin we know they are in trouble and either need help or need to be shunned. It is a lot harder to go through your medicine cabinet and count all your pills.

On a lighter note, I always found all the "Just Say No" stuff hilarious. The videos were a riot. They used to try to claim that people were sold drugs and didn't look for them. Drugs sell themselves unfortunately. I can tell you that nobody has ever tried to "pressure" me into doing drugs. I also still find it hilarious that I learned almost everything I know about drugs from those ads and the DARE program. Nothing better then a police officer coming to your school and showing you all the drugs that they THINK are on the streets near you. Watch the video below and try not to laugh.

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