It's been called "medicine's best kept secret".

And while the debate rages on regarding the pros and cons of gun control, it seems to me we're overlooking something.

Mass killers who have been prescribed drugs.

According to an article on

It matters little to gun ban/control advocates that studies show that even though gun ownership has increased, gun violence has decreased — except in the case of suicide.

Some researchers have looked beyond the use of guns in these tragedies to see if anything else could be a precipitating factor and the researchers have discovered a definite link in almost every case; the use of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by the assailant's doctor.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) has raised concerns about severe acts of violence as side effects of anti-psychotic and antidepressant drugs not only on individuals but on society as well.

I believe we need further research into the possible correlation between these drugs and the violent acts we see perpetrated.

Mass shootings are likely the result of many factors and there are no easy answers, but this issue seems to play a part.

While clearly only a small minority who use these meds will act out violently, we must confront what appears to be a link between mass murder and prescription drugs.

What do you think?


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