I've always loved LBI, and now that I live closer to Route 72 I'll be there a lot more. The biggest drawback has always been the traffic. It's pretty much avoidable when you're talking about an area with one way in and out, but if you want to ease up on those traffic-induced headaches, the LBI Shuttle is here to help.

The shuttle even has an app (for both Apple and Android) so you can follow the location of the different shuttles, get updates on events around LBI, and even get coupons for local businesses.

The best part? New for this year, a shuttle will be getting you on and off the island! One of the shuttles will run a constant loop from the parking lot by the Manahawkin DMV to two locations on LBI, at the 39th Street cutout in Brant Beach, and at How You Brewin’ in Surf City.

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