We were talking on the air earlier today about the toxic algae bloom that has been forming in ponds and lakes in North Jersey and North Carolina where a woman's three dogs died after playing around in the water on a hot day.

Thanks to Nicole Murray from our sister station 94.3 The Point for reporting that there a few lakes on the Jersey Shore that are under an advisory for the deadly algae bloom that you need to stay away from for the time being.

  • Manasquan Reservoir in Howell Township: Remains under advisory
  • Deal Lake in Asbury Park: Remains under advisory
  • Sunset Lake in Asbury Park: Remains under advisory

If you suspect that you spotted one of these harmful algal blooms, call the Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) Hotline at 1(877) WARNDEP (877-927-6337) or you can also report it through their website.

Click HERE to read her full story.

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