The summer has absolutely flown by. Labor Day is Monday, September 2nd, so that means "local" summer begins Tuesday, September 3rd.

We are exactly TWELVE days away!

To make it officially a “local” summer, we have to be rid of the majority of the tourists and “bennies”. That usually happens at the end of Labor Day Weekend, and as far back as I can remember, it usually rains on Labor Day so that gets them out of here a little quicker.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE SUMMER. I welcome the tourists every summer. The shore towns need the revenue. Plus, I like the energy that summer brings to the Jersey Shore. It's fun, but...

It's time for them to go, and let US enjoy things around here! The weather will still be warm for a while, so summer does not end.

As far as the bennies and the tourists go, thank you for your patronage and thanks for behaving (for the most part), but we'll see you next year. You had your time, but we're good. Parkway North is right over there.

It’s all part of the natural cycle. They go home, but they will return. Oh yes, they will.

So what happens during “local” summer?

  • Beaches are free
  • Parkway traffic is considerably lighter
  • Less wait time at restaurants
  • Fewer boats/wave runners on the water
  • Local street/beach festivals
  • Not as many cover charges at bars
  • Eventually, parking meters are free

Every town has festivals practically EVERY weekend in September and October.

Seaside Heights has a bunch of festivals coming up: Rock the Farm Festival, Wine on the Beach Festival, Italian Street Festival, Bikes at the Beach, etc.

So don’t be sad that the summer (that most people know) is almost over. Just say goodbye to the “bennies” for about 8 months. One of the best times of the year is here!


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