While the majority of Americans were following the CDC guidelines last fall to prevent the spread of covid19, our efforts also provided us with protection from the common cold and believe it or not, the flu.

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The Centers for Decease and Control says a staggering 98% drop in positive tests for the flu during the 2019-2020 flu seasons.

I’m no expert but my feeling is as we wore masks to prevent getting coronavirus that shields also prevented other germs to easily spread to one another.  In addition, kids were home-schooled.  They weren’t put into a situation that lends itself to create the petri dish of germs to metastasize.  Parents were able to keep them and everyone else in a controlled sanitized environment.

How many times have you heard a familiar story of someone’s child coming home from school with a runny nose, then the next thing you know the entire house has a cold or worse the flu.  Sorry kids, not your fault, there are germs everywhere.

Now fast forward to 2021 and this new school year.  Homeschooling is finished.  Kids are going back.  As parents fight against the state's school mask mandate, students young and older will be congregating together in close enough proximity to allow other germs to spread.

We might want to think about adding that annual flu show back into the routine if you haven’t already.

But when should you get the flu shot?


NOW!  The CDC says September and October are the best times.  The flu season begins in October and generally runs into the following spring months.  That said, the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health say everyone every six months of age and older should get a yearly flu shot.

Here is a list of places by the county to receive a flu shot this year


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