Local Summer

Brick Rec. Announces August Camp
Parents who have been desperately hoping that their kids will have an opportunity to enjoy some kind of some summer camp, fear not. Brick Township announced yesterday that their day camp program will return for August.
Happy Tumbleweed Tuesday!
I learned a new term today. "Tumbleweed Tuesday".
Now in a barren desert, all that's around are tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze, so Jersey Shore locals use the term to define today.....the day after Labor Day, since the beaches, and parking lots are pretty much empty...
Three Weeks Til Local Summer Begins!!!
The Summer has absolutely flown by. Labor Day is Monday September 5th, so that means "Local" Summer begins Tuesday September 6th.
We are exactly three weeks away!
To make it officially a “Local” Summer, we have to be rid of the majority of the tourists and…