Parents who have been desperately hoping that their kids will have an opportunity to enjoy some kind of some summer camp, fear not. Brick Township announced yesterday that their day camp program will return for August. The camp itself will run five days a week from 9am to 2pm. Kids 4 through 7 will have their activities at Windward Beach Park while the 8-13 set will be at Lake Riviera Park, Bernie Cooke Park, and Hank Waltnowski Park.

Registration costs $100 and will begin on July 3rd. The amount of campers will be capped and registration will be on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you bookmark the Brick Rec website, which I have included right HERE because that's the kind of helpful fella I am. If you need more information, call 732-262-4622.

This is obviously exciting news for both kids and parents in Brick. Hopefully, this is not the last Shore town to make such an announcement. I mean let's face it...the kids have been home since March. Of course it's important that they get the opportunity to enjoy summer camp, socialize, exercise etc. But...the parents need a break too. Every parent loves their child and sees all of their hopes and dreams come to life whenever they look into their eyes...but nobody's going to blame you if you're perhaps a little tired of looking into those eyes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since March. Brick Township children will be able to enjoy camp this August and Brick Township parents will be able to enjoy margaritas at noon. Sure sounds like summer to me.

Mike Krenek
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