Ominous Tick Season For New Jersey…Did You Know You Can Test Your Tick?
There is not much that will spark panic in a Mom more than spotting a tick. Do they not send shivers up your spine? They are gross, unsuspecting and can make us really sick. It's the first day of tick season by the way...April to mid-to-late October is when they are in full swing. Experts are predicting that the tic population in New Jersey to be off the charts this year. Well super.
Easter Bunny Sightings! Where Easter Egg Hunts Are Happening At The Jersey Shore
Surely you've heard the term "beach bunny" haven't you? Well that's because the Easter Bunny LOVES the Jersey Shore! He's comin' to town and he wants us all to join him on some of his most delightful stops! I was able to get a hold of the Easter Bunny's secretary and she was kind enough to give me his itinerary. Here is where you can spot the big guy and have some Easter fun!
Things You Can Still Do While Summer Lasts in New Jersey
Don't let the fact that it's almost September scare you. We still have a full three weeks of the summer season left (fall doesn't officially arrive until September 22nd at 9:32 AM)! Even with all the social distancing and mask wearing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there's still tons of fun activities to do in the Garden State before summer is officially over...
Brick Rec. Announces August Camp
Parents who have been desperately hoping that their kids will have an opportunity to enjoy some kind of some summer camp, fear not. Brick Township announced yesterday that their day camp program will return for August.

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