I remember as a teenager BEFORE my house had cable, watching a Genesis concert on PBS. Back in the day, that was one of the few places that would sometimes actually show concerts. I popped my VHS tape into my (top-loading) VCR and recorded the concert. By the way, the remote control to the VCR was NOT wireless. Crazy right?

Every now and then, I still wonder where that VHS tape is in my mom's house. If it still is even there.

So I just played "Turn it on Again" a little while ago on 105.7 The Hawk and it brought back memories of that performance. What made it so special and memorable is that towards the end of "Turn it on Again", Phil Collins and the guys went into a medley of different songs. Some Motown. Some Beatles, etc. I started thinking about that concert AND can i find that performance online.

Well I found it! The concert goes back to 1984 during the "Mama" tour.

The internet is STILL amazing! Is there anything from your past that you were amazed to find online that you didn't think you could find? Let us know in the comment section below and enjoy this classic "Genesis" performance