And I need your help to help bail me out!! It's happening this Friday 4/29 at the Ocean County Mall starting at 12:30. (The dolphin is not coming..She has been cleared of all charges)

I have agreed to get "locked up" to raise money for "Ocean of Love".

My bail has been set for $500, and I am asking for your help once again. I have to stay in jail until I come up with it, so whatever you can afford would be terrific.

If you are not familiar with Ocean of Love, they are an amazing organization that is

Dedicated to helping Ocean County children with cancer and their families. Our purpose is to assist the children through their illness. We provide financial and emotional support so that they can experience the “normal” joys of childhood, knowing their lives are significant and meaningful to each and every one of us.

Click here to donate, and it is very important that you follow the steps when donating. Click where it says "Donation Type" for the drop down box to read "Jail A Thon", and in the acknowledgment box, please put my name (Andy Chase) to get credit so I get bailed out!

(Please get me out quick.....I really don't want to have to shank my cell-mate!!)

Thank you once again for generous donation


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