Massive Great White Sharks Currently In Waters Off New Jersey Sho
Do you remember when a boat filled with fishers encountered a great white off Point Pleasant 2 years ago? Based on intel from Ocearch, there are "thousands" of great white sharks currently passing through the east coast (including our waters) as they migrate north. Here's what you need to know.
Was Mary Lee in the Barnegat Bay Today??
Most likely YES, but OCEARCH.Org can not confirm it due to the "ping" being "low-quality" This morning at 9:19am, this is where Mary Lee "pinged": Another low quality ping from @MaryLeeShark in #BarnegatBay, #NJ. We suspect she is moving N up the beach on outside pic... Read More ...
And Now We Have Gators in NJ [VIDEO]
There has been plenty of shark talk in New Jersey for the past few months, but now we're talking alligators in New Jersey. Yup.....Officials removed a 4 foot alligator from the Passaic River this morning The gator was spotted Wednesday morning by a fisherman at the Elmwood Park Marina along the Passaic River...

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