I laugh (out loud) every time I see one of the stories about a shark that was "track right off the Jersey Shore."

I mean, the ocean is where sharks live, right?

Where else would they be?

Cue the video of the classic Saturday Night Live "Land Shark" skit!

You can find out all about shark tagging and where the tagged sharks are "spotted" on the OCEARCH Shark Tracker website. Those sharks aren't really spotted - not with someone's eyes any way. It's more of an "electronic radar tracking."

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Here's more about the Thresher Shark from the Discovery Channel:


Yes, it has a big tail!

According to SaveCoastalWildlife.org, sharks are indeed prevalent off the coast of New Jersey:

"Yes! Sharks really do call the Jersey Shore home for either all or part of the year. In fact, not just one type of shark species can be found along or near the Jersey Shore, but a variety of sharks, from threshers to makos, to bulls, to blues, to whites, to hammerheads, to dogfish and even occasionally a whale shark (the largest fish in the ocean!), and so many more. There are even several shark nursery areas located within or not far from the Jersey Shore where juvenile sharks are more commonly encountered or where juvenile sharks have a tendency to remain or return to the area for extended periods to grow, feed, and try to stay hidden from potential predators."

So, tell me again how far you're swimming out from the beach?

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