Whale Damages Boat In Seaside Park Earlier Today
Things got a little scary today for two people who were just enjoying this beautiful day fishing on their 25-foot fishing boat just a few dozen yards off the beach in Seaside Park.
A whale jumped out of the ocean this morning landing on a fishing boat while sending the two men into the water...
Royals Ruling the Beaches
Northern kingfish, known as “royals” by the legions of surf anglers from Cape May through Seaside, have been appearing in numbers.

4-Wheel Drive Vehicles To Be Allowed On Ortley Beach
Starting October 1st, 2019, four-wheel drive vehicles will once again be allowed on Ortley Beach for people wanting to fish.
Now that the beach replenishment is completed in Ortley, Township officials adopted an ordinance on Tuesday allowing permits to be issued to drive on the beach between Oct...
In A Rut!
It’s the two-to-three week period when a whitetail buck goes lust loco, puts caution in the wind as he eagerly sniffs for receptive does and becomes, for lack of a better description, downright dumb.
Timing Is Everything
The long-anticipated return of autumn weather, with its chilling of the salty waters, has jump-started the autumn migration of that most prized gamefish: the striped bass.

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